Monday, November 14, 2016

Dear Media, It's not me, it's you...

Dear Mainstream Media,
It's over between us. And just to be clear, it's not me... it's you.
We're tired of the lies, the manipulation, the mental and verbal abuse you continue to put us through day after day. We've had it with the hate mongering, the selfish ambition, and the vicious attacks. We're done with you. We're tired of being played.
You thrive on drama and you say and do whatever it takes to get a reaction. You've manipulated those who trust you into not trusting each other, ruined relationships, caused hate and discourse, and encouraged fighting among friends. You tell whatever lies you think will earn you the best ratings, and ignore the truth. You want the public to believe you're a neutral source of information, but your actions make your claim laughable. You promote the ideas that fit your agenda, and advocate only those who share your personal views. Those who don't, you mock, silence or demonize. The truth is left on your newsroom floors, safe from the public eye. You piece together your carefully chosen soundbites, expertly edit your photos and spin them together in a web of deceipt so the people will believe what you tell them to believe.
We're sick of it. We can't trust you and so... we're over.
We hope someday you will again be what you were created to be. You were born of a purpose. You were meant to inform the people... to provide unbiased facts. .. all of them, and let the people form their own opinions. This country in its infancy had broken from a tyrannical ruling class that controlled the media and carefully fed the people propaganda that only furthered its own interests. Our founders saw fit to make sure you, the press, were protected from such deceitful practices. And just look what you've done with it. You've squandered that gift for which good men so valiantly fought. You should be ashamed.
But alas, information is everywhere. We the people have each other and don't really need you anyway.
We the People

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  1. Quite right! Along with Mrs. Clinton, the media was another that lost in this presidential contest.


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