Friday, August 22, 2014

Tired of politics and religion?

If that's you, or not you for that matter, then read on!…

Are you sick of the posts, blogs and news coverage that seems to be constantly tied to religion or politics? Well you're not alone my friend, not alone.

I get it... you want to enjoy life, have fun, "live, laugh, love" as they say. That's a great attitude toward life... you absolutely should enjoy it to the fullest. Politics is a downer, it doesn't really provide that warm, fuzzy feeling we all enjoy. There's just one problem…

You see, these things you are able to do, the freedoms you enjoy, your right to go where you want, say what you think, your right to believe in something, or not believe in anything... well, they're a bit at risk. 

"No," you say, "these are guaranteed rights!" 

Ok, sure, and they are guaranteed by.... ? 

"The constitution of these United States!" You adamantly reply.

Ding ding! Yes, you are correct! Now, how did this constitution come about? Please, allow me…

In the not so distant past, there were men and women who were tired of the tyranny of their government, and of the persecution of their faith. They saw a different future, one free from oppression, that was founded by the people, and for them. And man did they work hard for it! They fought till their last breath, lost sons and fathers, shed their blood and their tears... and they prevailed. At their very core they believed in, and we're willing to fight for, the freedom of generations to come.

We have been reaping the benefits of the sacrifice of those great men and women for several generations now. We have continued to enjoy the freedom for which they fought, freedom which they bought with their own blood. Such a steep price, but well worth it in their estimation… and in mine.

But a government for the people and by the people didn't just happen, and it can't continue, without the concern of its citizens. Many a democracy has fallen for lack of concern by its people, and our freedom is truly at stake.

Yes, you should absolutely enjoy life to the fullest! I plan to! I'm thankful that I can freely post my favorite funny video's, photos of my family and friends, that I can rant about injustice, and argue or agree at will. So by all means, live, laugh and love till your half-crazy. Post cute cat videos and talk about endangered species. Join a club, play a sport, have a steak, or tofu if you're a vegan, because that's your right! Get with your friends and laugh till you turn blue. Enjoy the freedoms that were so valiantly fought for!  

But don't forget as your doing so to careIt's not enough to just appreciate your freedom, you must also hold tight to it! It is what makes us unique as a nation; these freedoms that were bought with a price.  When you see injustice, say something, do something, let your voice be heard! When you see freedoms being systematically removed, or your fellow man under persecution for their beliefs, care enough to say something, to remind your government that this is America, land of the free. Elect leaders who stand for freedom, who uphold the constitution; and if they don't, vote 'em out! Silence is not an option. To be silent is to concede. And silence will lead to our destruction.

Still not convinced? Still couldn't care less about politics or religion? How tragic. I and others like me will continue to be a voice… continue to fight for your right to not care. I just hope there are enough of us to preserve it. You see, if there are more like you and less like me, well, eventually you will all get your wish. Politics will no longer be a matter of discussion, because the decisions will be made for you, and not by you. Bottom line? We can't maintain a government by the people if the people no longer care. And the people are fiddling while all of Rome burns.

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