Saturday, January 28, 2012

Face Value

I'm starting to think this country has gone mad. Everything that we were founded on, every principle and belief, is under attack and we stand by doing nothing and are getting sucked right into it. We are killing our babies and ignoring our elderly, ruining our teens and dumbing up our children. We look out for 'number one' and to heck with the rest. In the world of politics 'slick' has somehow become synonymous with 'smart' when it used to mean 'snake.' Just because someone is eloquent in their speech does not make them 'right' and just because someone stumbles over their words or makes an occasional blunder doesn't make them 'wrong.' In fact, I would much rather have a rough-around-the-edges leader that still has core values than a word smith who's primary goal is to turn America into a socialist state. We ARE a great nation and it's about time we start acting like it. Use your voices and DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Politics 101: Many people I talk to have NO IDEA what many of the new agencies that have been (illegally) created over the last few years are capable of doing... or the hidden agenda contained within them. Oh, they are shiny on the outside, but inside they are a means to an evil end. You will never find an agency or policy that is advertised, "Hey, this new agency has been created so that we can jail your pastors for preaching out of the Bible against homosexuality... isn't that great???" No, they will tell you, "We will not tolerate the violation of civil rights any longer. In the spirit of Martin Luther King Jr. we will march against injustice to bring about a society where every citizen has an equal right to be who they are without fear of retribution!!" - and the crowd goes wild. What was SAID is not what you THINK was said.

Put anything in a pretty package and the people want to buy it... but things are not always what they seem. For instance - 'separation of Church and State.' (Originally meant to keep the state out of the church, by the way.) How is it separation when the State dictates to the Church when and where they can and cannot speak of their faith? Don't pray in school, don't speak of anything political in Church, don't mention the name of Jesus if you are an Army chaplain... etc... or we will ___________. What? What will you do, government? Take my tax exempt status? Kick me out of school? Throw me in the brig? What are we afraid of??!!! The government is like a little rebellious child who pushes and pushes the boundaries, gaining a little more ground with each fit they throw. Where is our limit? If they throw an Army chaplain in prison for praying in the name of Jesus will you say something then? What will it take? Your pastor being thrown in jail for reading from Romans Chapter 1? Will you do something then

Instead, we stay silent. We sigh and say, "Well, that's just not right... but what can I really do about it?" I'll tell you what you can do -

(1) Care. You can make it your business to know what is going on INSIDE the issues and quit taking everything that certain well-spoken politicians say at FACE VALUE. You are being methodically stripped of your rights and you don't even know it. 

(2) Pray. You can exercise your right to pray and be open about your faith. And if Johnny or Suzie can wear a Metallica T-shirt, you can wear one with the Ten Commandments on it. Mr. Chaplain - go ahead and pray in Jesus name... there are still enough Christians left in this country who would demand your release if they threw you in the brig. Pastor - go ahead and preach the Word... if you don't then the only thing you will have to look forward to is a career as a motivational speaker. 

(3) Vote. We still have that right and if you don't use it, you just might lose it. 

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